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What is cold pressed juice?

You can find "juice" at any grocery store, gas station, or even hidden in the back of your refrigerator from 1998.

So what makes Blue Yorkie Juicery so special and different?

Let's talk about the process:

"Cold pressing" is a 2 step process where fruits and vegetables are chopped and placed in a cloth or mesh filter bag, then squeezed in a press.

During the squeezing process the fruit is not grinding against a sharp screen; instead, it is completely stationary in a gentle, natural process.

All of the indigestible fiber including skin, seeds, and stems are left behind in the filter press bag.

What does this mean?  Well, it's healthier, natural, and tastes a heck of a lot better.

Why should you drink raw juice?

Juicing increases consumption of raw fruit and vegetables, beyond what we consume by eating alone.

Optimize nutrient intake

Juicing allows our body to absorb nutrients without overwhelming our system with large amounts of fiber.

Other Benefits

Increase Vitamins & Minerals in your diet

Potential Weight Loss

Increased Energy

Decrease Inflammation

Protect Against Disease

The result is a bright, clean, smooth juice with little separation and lasts for days.

Organic, Raw, unpasteurized, no chemicals, no added water.

3-5 pounds of organic fruit and vegetables is in each 16oz bottle. 

Did Sprocket and I mention that it also tastes a lot better?

What Is Cold Pressed Juice?: About
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