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Thank you for stopping by!

I'm Ginger.  I moved to Wisconsin in 2016 by way of California and Georgia.  (I still speak Southern.)

Prior to launching the Blue Yorkie Juicery, I enjoyed 20+ years working for major retail organizations including Publix and Lululemon.

I'm still a Artist/Metalsmith - and will have some of my work in the shop.

Thank you for the support!



Sales & Security

Sprocket - a Yorkshire Terrorist - is primarily responsible for security, but is also skilled at the "hard sell."

Additionally, he has served as a qualified taste-tester for various baked goods.

We apologize if he has already frightened you from the window of the Blue Yorkie Juicery.



The Workhorse

Made by GoodNature, the X-1 Mini is THE best cold-pressed juicer available in the universe.

"SPRKT1" will be primarily operational early in the morning producing the freshest possible juice, but if you are nice, you can have a private tour to check out this amazing machine.

Meet Ginger & Sprocket: Meet the Team
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